Product Review: The Smarti Bear Brain Fitness Program

N. LiApril 25, 2016 Products

The preschool and kindergarten years are filled with exploration. Educators guide their young students through purposeful play and inquiry-based learning, and incorporate peer instruction as often as possible. Interactive group activities such as stories and games have become favourites, as have sensory bins and manipulatives.

Multidimensional educational tools and products are often selected because they engage children more effectively. Students’ interests and desires to complete a variety of challenges keeps them motivated. With that, they further develop their critical thinking and social skills, as well as their gross and fine motor skills.

Today we’ll be discussing DC Canada Education Publishing’s latest release, the Smarti Bear Brain Fitness program. This program features 4 kits, each with its own set of 33 logic puzzles, storybook, and activity book.

smarti demo-2

The Smarti Bear Brain Fitness program was developed by Dr. George Ghanotakis, the founder of the Canadian Institute of Philosophy for Children and special consultant for the implementation of thinking skills programs across the curriculum K-12.

The program energizes the executive functions and develops focus, attention, memory, reasoning, problem solving, processing speed, social play, and math and language skills. It also aligns with recent Ministry of Education objectives for mathematics and literacy readiness as well as the Common Core Standards for K – 3 english and mathematics programs.


Children engaged with the games, stories, and activities very well and the kits effectively got them thinking. The games are also easy to learn, and feature unique and inventive elements.

One director at the Ottawa YMCA/YWCA incorporated the kits into her curriculum for children from pre-K to grade 1.

“[The] kits allow a multidimensional approach to teaching concepts, [and] captures the interest and meets the needs of a variety of learning styles,” says Angela Nadon, Director of Ottawa’s Winners Day Camps.


She felt that the kits were best suited for children ages 5-7. Once the rules were explained, they were fully engaged. “They were eager to keep going,” she says.

The kits will be available in May 2016, and retail for $34.95.

For more information about the Smarti Bear Brain Fitness program, email DC Canada at


A New Way to Teach Children the Canadian Charter

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S. Evelyn CimesaApril 21, 2016 | Products

We’re excited to announce the release of La Charte pour les enfants, the French edition of Canadian bestseller series The Charter for Children. This collection of witty, illustrated stories introduces children to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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Une nouvelle façon d’enseigner aux enfants la Charte Canadienne

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S. Evelyn Cimesa21 Avril 2016 | Produits

Nous sommes enchantés d’annoncer le lancement de La Charte pour les enfants, l’édition française de la série à succès The Charter for Children. Cette collection d’histoires illustrées astucieuses introduit les enfants à la Charte canadienne des droits et libertés.

Chaque histoire se passe dans une nouvelle province ou territoire et met en vedette un nouveau droit ou une nouvelle liberté. Certains des sujets couverts incluent le féminisme, l’acceptation, l’héritage des premières nations, la religion et la sécurité.

La collection instruit les enfants à propos des arts, des sciences sociales, des langues, de la santé et de l’éducation physique. Ils auront l’opportunité de lire et analyser des textes, débattre de problèmes sociaux, discuter des droits et libertés, et apprendre la sécurité personnelle.

Creating Digital Autonomy

S. Evelyn Cimesa | April 19, 2016 | Learning


Gamification experiences are growing in popularity within the educational system: students are more engaged in the learning process, better retain information, and improve their performance on standardized tests. They simultaneously use their critical thinking, social and emotional skills, and personal skills. And, best of all, they actually enjoy themselves.

An environment that encourages autonomy would have minimal outside pressure and offer choices. It would also recognize the goals of others. Learner control is a must as it makes them feel more in control of their actions.

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L’Éditeur Local DC Canada Education Publishing Lance La Collection Francophone La Charte pour les enfants

(Ottawa, ON – 14 avril 2016) — Êtes-vous prêts à rencontrer l’activiste Alexandre le Grand et la féministe Émeuly Meuphy? Ou à être témoin d’une course de luge électrisante du Yuko, ou à ressentir votre cœur se briser pour une envolée d’outardes dépossédées alors qu’elle font leur  voyage traditionnel entre leur domicile au nord du Canada et leur destination australe?

Vous avez tout entendu sur leurs escapades et leurs aventures en anglais. Il est grand temps de découvrir ces personnages attachants dans l’autre langue officielle du Canada, le français.

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Local Publisher DC Canada Education Publishing Debuts French Collection La Charte pour les enfants

(Ottawa, ON – April 14, 2016) — Are you ready to meet activist Alexander the Grape and feminist Emooly Murphy? How about witnessing the thrill of a Yukon sled race, or feeling your heart ache for a flock of dispossessed Canada geese as they make their traditional journey to and from their summer home in Canada’s North?

You’ve heard about their escapades and adventures in English. Now it’s time to discover these loveable characters in Canada’s other official language, French.

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